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  • We offer the only analytical suite that speciates different forms of mercury and provides excretion efficiency measures.
  • This targeted detoxification program optimizes the three requirements for glutathione-dependent detoxification.
  • We've achieved the highest standard of liposomal and nano-particle technology on the market. 
  • All products are manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility.
  • Formulation scientists are available to meet custom needs.
  • Strict quality control processes and rigorous testing insure quality and compliance.
  • Design your own product—in-house designers work with you from concept to completion.


Allergy Research Group

Mountain States Health Products

Jammin Planet Corporation


Dr. Dale White

Biopure Healing Products (IMD only)

Edura AB (Sweden)

Ajna Centrum Rozwoju/Anna Gruszaul (Poland)

Proactive Healthcare (Ireland)

P.R.S.S. JAPAN (Japan)

Sunsynergy K.K. (Japan)